Character: LaRose (Swedish)
Movie: L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Fashion Show
Production: MGA Entertainment
Character: AI-Avatars
Project: Virtual Reality Learning
Production: Fictive Reality
Client: Mäklarhuset
Character: Annika & Journalist
Game: Snabba Cash
Production: StoryTourist

Voice Over: Commercial & Commercial
Production: Indept
Client: Axelssons & Salboheds
Voice Over Dubbing
Character: Inger & Caroline
Production: Golden Touch Media
Client: Visma Hälsa & Omsorg
Character: Narrator
Game: Beyond the Lily Fields
Production: Yrgo Game Creators
Voice Over Artist
Game: Bingo
Production: Random State
Client: Miljonlotteriet
Voice Over: TV and Radio Commercials, Audio Books
Production: Voice to Me
Clients: Sinful & Lusthuset
Voice over: Commercial
Client: Nösnäs High School
Production: Auka Studio
Voice Over: Commercial
Client and Production: Damrec Studio
Secret character!
Game: Kapia
Production: 2FOR2

Character: Hana
Audio Drama: The Denko Saga
Production: BanBanCo Studios
Character: Hilma
Game: A Trail of Ooze
Production: Insanto Studios
Character: Edvin
Game: A Trail of Ooze
Production: Insanto Studios
Character: Lily
Game: Sky Inc.
Production: A Creative Endeavor
Character: Voice Over
Project: Educational Video
Client: BDO
Character: Hel
Game: To Hel and Back
Production: 10HP Studio at University of Skövde
Character: Main player & Guard
Game: Anachronia
Production: Anachronia Studio at University of Skövde
Character: Inga-Lisa
Audio drama: Y2K Audio Drama
Production: Y2K Pod
Role: Reader
Story: Vi ses till hösten & Dömd att vandra utanför ljuset & Bambupojken
Production: Schaktmassa
Role: Voice Over
Band: Osukaru
Song: Joker (In the House of Cards)
Production: The OzCave Studios
Character: Vincent
Game: Pants on Fire
Production: University of Skövde
Character: Female Warrior
Game: The Guardians
Production: University of Skövde
Role: Voice Over
Project: Ten Facts
Production: Vegostart
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